Car Tire Pattern:XT2

1.Fomous Brand all over the world, national enterprises of China.

2. Size: 13inch, 14inch,15inch,16inch  for Small Trailer Tires(ST Car Tire )

3.Best quality, best service, Competitive price.

4.International Certificates: ISO90001, TS16949, DOT, ECE, EU-LABEL, , SONCAP, SASO,GCC, LATU, etc.

5.Timely Delivery Time.

Pattern Characteristic

  • Outside with wide ribs and closed shoulder for vehicle responsiveness and cornering performance. Inside with wide grooves and high sipe density for braking, acceleration and maximizing wet/snow evacuation.

  • Jointless “0”degree spiral nylon cover and wide steel belts for high driving safety, comfort and durability.

  • Jointless mono strand bead wire and hard bead filler strenthen the link between tire and rim for precise driving experience.

  • High-grip silica tread compound delivers exception braking and handling in wet and dry conditions.

  • The walls of the outside rib carved with small channels to reduce driving noise 

Product Description

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